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 Other Hermetic Package

Hermetic Hybrid IC Packages are the main and basic components for highly reliable IC Devices that widely used in the industries of Military, Space, Medical, Semiconductor and commercial; Streamtek provided high quality hermetic Hermetic packages which are fully complied with MIL-STD883 and other industry Quality Standard.

Typical Specifications for these headers:
  Flange Material: Kovar, CRS
  Pin Material: Kovar, Alloy52
  Package Configuration: DIP, DIL, Flatpack and other types
  Pin configuration: Nail-head, Straight pin
  Surface Finishing: Purity Gold Plated, Selective Au Plated on pins only.
  Hermeticity Rate: 1 X 10-8 cc/sec He

Typical Packages

    Product     Group


Drawing#  Product Code#

DIL 46PIN DIL Package 150-00384-00REVA Request Drawing
Flatpack                16pin Flat Package,                             Selective Gold Plated on Pins only 100-02125-00REVA
DIL  14pin DIL Package 080-01027-00REVA


40PIN DIP Package


The packages listed here are only samples of our typical packages; on custom demands we advise you of optional and optimal package solutions, contact us now.



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