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Streamtek Electronics was started up by experts in hermetic package field in 1998 when Photonics industry started to boom up. The US operation is shut down since 1999 when we signed up a contract manufacturing with a China partner. Our extended expertise in ceramic to metal seal and glass to metal seal enable us to provide the most reliable products at the most cost effective solutions with the successful manufacturing operation practice in China; We service global customers that have stringent  requirements, solutions on quality and cost structures. Over years, we become the main exporter for Hirel hermetic package in China since 2003 when we fully started the business operation in China.
Our Extended Technology Capability:                               
 Ceramic Eyelet, Glass Eyelet, HTCC Feedthrough Fabrication
 Ceramic eyelet to metal seal
 Glass eyelet to metal seal
 High temperature brazing
 RF Connector and Window Lens Integration
 Design and manufacturing of hermetic packages
Industry Leading Manufacturing Equipments and Testing Equipment                              
Simulation Software for Product Design and Analysis Download
Precision Machining Equipments     Download
Industry-leading advanced production equipments   Download
Industry-leading Product-Performance Inspection Equipments Download
Industry-leading Product-Reliability Testing Equipments     Download
Quality System: Streamtek and its strategic partners are ISO and Military Quality System Certified. All our packages are fully complied with and screened per either MIL-STD-883 or  MIL-HDBK-1547A, or MIL-PRF-38354 or MIL-STD-750D.
Quality is a key tenet of our company's success, and our commitment to quality            
    assurance is the thrust behind everything we do.
  Full testing equipments in house to perform all the tests per MIL-PRF-38354, MIL-STD  
    883, MIL-HDBK-1547A, MIL-PRF-38354, MIL-STD-750D; Simulating equipments to
    simulate the processes of  D/A, Wire-Bond, Lid-Attach
  Our quality assurance organization ensures that quality is recognized and followed
    through  during the earliest phases of program planning, product design, product
    manufacturing and customer service
  We recognize and understand quality products are critical to customer success as well 
    as our business success

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