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TO Header
Hybrid IC Package
Sensor Headers


Streamtek Electronics specialize in design and manufacturing of Hirel hermetic packages that used in Power Electronics, Telecommunication, Sensing, Integrated Circuit and other Electronics Devices for the applications of Defense, Aviation, Space, Fiber-optic Communications, Automotive and other commercial industry.
Our Extended Technology Capability
 Ceramic Eyelet, Glass Eyelet, HTCC Feedthrough Fabrication
 Ceramic eyelet to metal seal
 Glass eyelet to metal seal
 High temperature brazing
 RF Connector and Window Lens Integration
 Design and manufacturing of hermetic packages
Our Product Group
   HiRel Power Package Product Overview Download
   HiRel Photonics Package Product Overview Download
   Hybrid IC Package Product Overview Download
   Sensor Headers Product Overview Download
   To Headers Product Overview Download
Wide Selection of hermetic packages are available in custom and standard design
Streamtek Electronics and its strategic partners are ISO and China Military Quality System Certified. All our packages are fully complied with and screened per either MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-19500 MIL-PRF-38354, MIL-STD-750D and other industry standard. Full in-house testing and inspection equipments for package performance and reliability.
Industry-Leading Manufacturing Equipments
Simulation Software for Product Design and Analysis Download
Precision Machining Equipments     Download
Advanced production Equipments   Download
Product-Performance Testing Equipments Download
Product-Reliability Testing Equipments     Download

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