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 Other Hermetic Package

Multiple-layer HTCC Feedthrough Package

Typical Packages
HTCC Package with RF Connector
HTCC Package with Sapphire Window Lens
General Information
Surface Finish: 
2.5m min electrolytic nickel per QQ-N-290, followed by 1.0m per MIL-G-45204, Type III, Grade A.
Plating must pass a bake test at 350 deg c for 3 min. in air without blister, peeling, discoloration as seen under 10X mag or solderability change
Hermeticity: 1*10-8 cc He/Sec at 1.0 atm differtial
Lead Isolation Resistance: Leakage current<=1.0*10-7A at 250V D.C.
Lead Fatigue: must pass 90 deg arcs with 225g weigth.
Lead Pull Strength: 0.9kfg min. pulls at 90 deg to the plane of ceramic
Final assembly package must meet all spec after 300 deg c, 5min reflow
Features and Applications
  High Frequency Design, ideal for high speed devices
   Enhanced thermal conductivity, ideal for TEC installation
  DWDM, WWDM, WDM, EDFA, tunable laser, EA, SOA, and CW Optical Packages for the
        industries of Telecom, Space, Medical and Military,etc 

Typical Packages

    Product     Group


Drawing#  Product Code#

Butterfly Package 14pin BTF Package,W/ Kovar Pipe 080-01150-00REVA Request Drawing
Butterfly Package 14pin BTF Package,W/ Kovar Pipe 080-01158-00REVA
Butterfly Package 7pin BTF Package,W/ Kovar Pipe, GPO. 080-01749-00REVB
Butterfly Package 14pin BTF Package,W/ Kovar Pipe, 2.5Ghz 080-01750-00REVA
Butterfly Package 14pin BTF Package, With Sapphire Window lens 150-00422-00REVA
TOSA Package 8pin TOSA, 10Ghz 150-00545-00REVA
The packages listed here are only samples of our typical packages; on custom demands we advise you of optional and optimal package solutions, contact us now.

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